• Update the docs/source/grammar.rst and try to auto-generate it from the parser via .ebnf()
  • Fix property.mio example and basic data descriptors.
  • Fix Object super(). Make it a builtin.
  • Deal with this better and raise a better error instead of crashing.
x = method(1 + 1, a, b,
    a + b
  • Implement __slice__, slice(...) and xs[start:[end][:step]
  • Change the way methods and blocks are bound and unifiy them into a single entity.
    • Unified method: method(...).
    • Can be dynamically bound to objects.
    • Is always passed it’s bound object as the first parameter self.
    • Are by default bound to the context they are created in.
  • Fix keyword argument(s) parameters.
  • Figure out a way to avoid recursion so loop(print("foo")) works as expected.
  • Write a testing framework for mio in mio.
  • Implement a “trace” hook into the interpreter. i.e: Python’s sys.settrace()
  • Implement a basic debugger.
  • Implement a basic coverage tool.
  • Add __doc__ (doc strings) support.
  • Implement a basic help system.
  • Do a refresher on how to write an interpreter in RPython and write a really really simple one: